Our Partners: Family Services Windsor Essex

Our Partners: Family Services Windsor Essex

Family Services Windsor Essex offers a variety of programs to help with managing your finances, we've asked them to explain their Adult Protective Services Worker and Voluntary Trusteeship Programs:

These are voluntary financial programs that Family Services WE offers to the community. Here’s a quick Q&A with one of the APSW’s at the agency to get a sense of their role along with the role of the Trustees in providing financial assistance to clients!

Q: What is the main role of an APSW?

A: We work with adults that have developmental disabilities and are living on their own in the community

Q: What are the types of financial services you offer to the client?

A: There are great efforts made to provide support for the individual so they are able to manage their own finances.  It is the APSW’s job to direct the client towards programs and services that will help them.  Financially, the APSW may utilize the trusteeship program as a route for working out some financing struggles.  There is a trustee agreement made that is voluntary and it is up for alteration based on a change in the client’s financial responsibility after some sessions.

Q: Can you provide some more details on the Voluntary Trusteeship Program?

A: Yes, we provide our expertise with clients in developing budgets, paying bills and rent, deciding how much spending money they will have for the month, etc. We are a safety net for the clients, giving them useful advice and helping them manage their money. We also offer financial seminars and workshops to our clients at no cost. These help them to learn the skills necessary to achieve long term independence.

Q: What is the eligibility criteria to enter the Voluntary Trusteeship Program?

A: The program is open to all residents of Windsor-Essex Country that are 16 years of age and older and that qualifies for one or more of the following:

  • Experiences difficulty when managing finances
  • At risk of homelessness
  • Receives OW, ODSP or a federal government pension
  • Is living under the Low Income Cut-Off
  • Must be able to provide direction to program staff on their needs and what they require assistance with

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1770 Langlois Ave.
Windsor, ON N8X4M5

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