Oh my aching wallet…

Oh my aching wallet…

I can’t bear to see the gas prices go up again! Every time I drive past a gas station I break into cold sweats. It seems like the gas stations are competing to see who can get to $1.50/ltr the fastest.

When the price of living goes up, we as consumers are faced with a difficult challenge – what is going to give to cover this new cost. This is where it is absolutely critical to have a budget in place. Typically our income doesn’t keep pace with the increased cost of living so other expenses are going to have to pick up the slack or use cost cutting to help with keeping that budget item down.

Fuel Cost cutting ideas

Gas rewards program - This isn’t a credit card but a program created by the company to collect points that you can redeem for gas. It may take a while but every penny counts.

Fill up your tires – Check your tires every few weeks and make sure they are to the manufactures standards. This can save you some drag on your car and make it more fuel efficient.

Fill up and drive till a quarter tank – Putting small amounts of gas into the tank can actually cost you more because you are driving to the station more times. It’s easier to fill up once and drive around less. Let the tank get down to a quarter tank before you fill up. You will benefit from driving around with a lighter fuel load, constantly topping up creates more weight in your vehicle.

Change your driving habits – Avoid idling, drive at a constant speed, take off slowly from a full stop and reduce your speed. All of these driving techniques can reduce how much fuel your vehicle is using.

Maintain you vehicle – Make sure you are changing the oil and spark plugs on a regular basis. Regular maintenance on your vehicle will keep it performing at maximum capacity.

Shop around for the best fuel prices -  http://www.ontariogasprices.com is a great website to see all of the local gas prices before you fill up.

The little things and big decisions – Consider car pooling, bike riding, and commuter van or downsize to 1 vehicle. Park in the shade to avoid the fuel evaporating and make sure you gas cap has a proper seal.

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