Joanna is from Sarnia and began her career at Financial Fitness Centre in 1996.  She is an OACCS Certified Credit Counsellor (2007) Accredited Financial Counsellor (Association for Financial Counselling, 2007) and Qualified Insolvency Counsellor, (Ryerson Polytechnic University, 2001) and the coaching curriculum through ICF accredited Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is a Healthy Money™ Coach.  Joanna is a recipient of an OACCS Award of Recognition for furthering Credit Counselling in Ontario (2012)

Joanna has extensive experience in assisting clients in finding appropriate and satisfactory solutions to their financial issues, including but not limited to Financial Fitness Counselling, Coaching and Debt Repayment Programs.  Joanna is passionate about teaching skills on the importance of “healthy money” education for individuals and families.  She feels it is rewarding to see people take control over their money and achieve their financial goals by making well informed decisions. Her training and education has provided her with an understanding of the sensitivity and compassion required when assisting people with financial stress.   Joanna regularly provides workshops to community agencies who provide services to low income individuals and families, youth at risk, First Nations, Labor Adjustment Committees, Wellness Group and local businesses covering a variety of financial topics. She is active in our business community and has promoted Financial Fitness to businesses and agencies in the Sarnia Lambton area.

Outside work Joanna likes to keep herself busy with various “DIY projects” She likes many other outdoor “nature” activities; and runs regularly to keep herself fit and active.   She enjoys her “down time” reading, and spending time with family and friends.  Joanna is a community volunteer at Circles Sarnia Lambton; which is a campaign that promotes the vision to end poverty in the County of Lambton.