What to do with your kids this summer?

What to do with your kids this summer?

As a working mother, summer time is an exceptionally stressful time of year. It means I need to provide child care for my children. Between family members, friends, day camps and vacation bible school I’m not exactly sure what my children are up to on a daily basis.

Beyond the stress of arranging all of these pickups and drop offs at different locations and different times, I also need to be aware of the cost.

Most day camps will run you $100 to $200 per week depending on the type of camp. Even if you choose just a straight daycare cost it’s at least $35 per day.

Some parents are fortunate to have an employer that is flexible with their schedule. Maybe your employer will allow you to take all of your vacation time during the summer, or you are able to flex your schedule so that you and your partner can share the child minding.

Occasionally I have seen some parents take a lay off during the summer to stay home with their children, but most of us, financially, cannot afford that option.

If you are interested in day camp options for your little one(s), check out the programs listed below. The City of Windsor has a Financial Aid program to help defer the cost for families in financial need.

So until the school system goes to an all year round system, I will continue to fret my summers away.


~ Nicole

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