Financial Fitness Day

Financial Fitness Day

Awesome, awesome, awesome. What more can I say? We had a great afternoon event showcasing our agency with presentations on the 10 Steps to Financial Fitness and Mortgage information by Genworth.

We are also pleased to announce the introduction of our new Healthy Money™ program. A culmination of years of professional information and experience, written by our Executive Director, Wendy Dupuis and Senior Financial Counsellor,

Pauline Laforet.

The Healthy Money™ financial fitness module system is an easy 10-step system containing topics that will help anyone effectively manage their personal finances.

This instructional information has been divided into a 10 step module system, allowing you to easily and effectively learn the basic information you need to know to help you increase your financial health.

This system has truly been developed with the “everyday person” in mind, so it has been written in a casual engaging style using everyday language with easy to grasp examples. This systemis designed using our “bringin’ it to the streets” communication style, allowing you to learn in a relaxed and fun manner. No “accountant-speak” here!

Please check out our review in the Windsor Star for more information on our modules. You may also call 1-877-777-9218 or email

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