You did what?

You did what?

A short time ago I went home from a long day at work and found this piece of mail addressed to my wife. It looked like a bill, one I had never seen before. I asked her what it was for and she told me it was for some magazines she purchased. “Like I know what those magazines were”.

Since I had never heard of nor seen these magazines, out of curiosity I asked her how much they cost. She stated $22 a month, thinking she did well for what she got. She mentioned when the sales people stopped by that day the offer was “take the monthly magazines and receive a free book”. I wondered after looking at the bill and hearing that story, “what did she get us into?”

How long has she been making these payments without me knowing and  how long was the term of these payments going to be?

After reviewing all documents and -oh yes the contracts she signed- I discovered we had committed to $22 a month for a term of 3 years! I went crazy, I could not believe that my wife -the wife of a financial specialist- had been taken advantage of and I did not catch it.

The first thing I did was call this agency as I am now fully aware that I will be paying over $800 for these magazines that I could have gotten at Wal-Mart for $4.00 each and a book that I found on Kijiji for $15.00.

I know under the statute of consumer protection that you have 10 days to return the product without any questions and receive a full refund, but it had been months since she signed the agreement. I asked them for forgiveness using the excuse that  my wife did not fully understand what she was signing up for. That did not work.

I asked if they would close the account if we paid it out today. They said for the full amount of $800 they would. We were stuck in it and could not do anything.

We learned something from this.  One, she will never sign up for something without understanding it, and two I will be paying more attention to the cheques she signs. To end this story, my wife and I are still together and we now do not do anything without the other one knowing and approving.


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