Would you pay £500 for a John Lewis Christmas penguin?

Would you pay £500 for a John Lewis Christmas penguin?

Check this out:

Monty the Penguin

Such a sweet advert..... Just lights up the heart.... doesn't it?
Who couldn't love Penguins named Monty & Mable..... aaaahhh

An example of a very powerful & evocative Christmas advert.... Just one of the many that we will all subtly be exposed to this Christmas Season!
Be it online, tv, radio, print or any other media outlet you can think of.

Don't get me wrong, I love penguins - ( So does John Lewis! a popular department store chain throughout Great Britain)
The overwhelming success of this very advert - has surprised even the add creators themselves. They can't keep poor Monty & Mable on the shelves.

The take home message .. Is only to highlight the fact that consumers are more & more often being exposed to very clever, creative and manipulative advertising of this very nature.....

Advertising that strongly appeals to our emotions  in such a way, that often we do not realize. So the next time you are out shopping for the holidays ask yourself is this important to me or am I being marketed to?


~ Joanna Marks


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