What I learn from watching TV

What I learn from watching TV


I probably watch at least 6 different shows a season. I DVR all of them so I have time to watch them during the weekends and skip the commercials.

From Sons of Anarchy to Downton Abbey I watch them all, but in watching all of these shows I've found I've been able to glean some great lessons on life.


Like in White Collar, the entire premise of the show is about a very attractive criminal named Neil Caffrey. He's a forger, con artist and thief who is caught by the FBI and forced to work with them as a consultant to shorten his sentence.


First lesson: Crime doesn't pay. Or rather it does but you're bound to get caught.

Second lesson: When in a bind use your transferable skills. Employers love transferable skills!

So what kind of financial lessons can you learn from watching TV? HereĀ is a link to a great article by Michael Estrin of Bankrate.com explaining 7 Financial Lessons from "Game of Thrones"

While you read that I'll be off working on my Chemistry set, feel free to call me Hiesenberg.

~ Nicole Olsen

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