Vacation savings tips

Vacation savings tips

I dread summer vacation a little bit. It tends to cost me a lot of money, and it seems like I’ve just gotten over Christmas.

So here are a few costs I’ve come up with for summer vacation that you might also have, and some creative ways I’ve tried to buffer the cost.

1. Daycare: I fortunately/unfortunately have 2 very small children. And as much as my 5 year old believe he is a super hero, I can’t leave them home unattended. During the summer it’s especially hard because they both require full time care.


a)      My husband and I take separate vacation time so that one of use is always home.

b)      We bug family… a lot.

c)       I know of some people who take advantage of free vacation bible school church programs. (hey whatever works)

2. Stay-cations: My husband and I have perfected the stay-cation. Instead of going somewhere we enjoy the luxuries of home and go on day trips.


a)      Watch the climate control with stay-cations. I find the A/C is running a little more so I can expect a higher electricity bill.

b)      Look for cheap or free day trips in the community.

c)       Meal planning is the key to a good stay-cation. Make sure to plan a nice family dinner or try something different.

3.  Actual Vacation: Sometimes you just need to get away and go somewhere.


a)      Go with another couple or family. You can split the cost of the room, travel expenses or food costs. Great way to save money.

b)      Look for coupons online or book on off-peak times. If you stay on a Monday/Tuesday your room rate will dramatically reduce.

c)       Bring snacks and drinks with you. Theme-parks and attractions will charge and arm and a leg. It’s much cheaper to buy snacks at the grocery store and bring them with you.

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