The best of intentions….

The best of intentions….

This is a particularly challenging time of year for me.  It’s cold outside and sunshine is as rare a commodity as a savings plan.  The holidays are over, the bills are arriving and I just got my T4 slip which means I will have to file my income tax return soon. I feel like staying in my jammies, pulling a blanket around me as I curl up in my big comfy chair and not coming out ‘till spring.

A month ago I had all this energy and enthusiasm for a new year.  I was all set to eat better, get more exercise and explore my spiritual side through meditation.  Yup, I was gonna work on mind, body, spirit balance.

One month later, I can say I have managed to eat fairly healthy, if you don’t count the four bags of bite size chocolate bars that I purchased on a twoferone deal and ate the same way. I have actually managed to get more exercise- five extra hours this month! As for meditation, I did manage to meditate for fifteen whole minutes each day… well maybe not each day… okay once each week if  you add it all up and count the time I was caught daydreaming at a traffic stop. Funny how the horn of the car behind you will snap you right back to the present.

Most people would look at their progress so far and see a decided lack thereof, and throw in the towel. But not me, oh…no. Call me idealistic –it’s the Sagittarius in me- but I am not one to quit. Not at this stage of the game. It’s one of my motto’s, “never give up”.

I prefer to see my progress as just that, progress.  On balance I ate healthier, exercised more and meditated some, which is more than I would have done if I had not bothered at all.

Did I do as much as I intended? No. Could I do better? Absolutely!

I just think that sometimes, I am so busy looking at what I haven’t accomplished, that I fail to realize what I have accomplished.

I’ve decided to stop beating myself up if I don’t do something perfectly. I am choosing to celebrate even the smallest of achievements and having made that choice, I now feel the motivation to set the bar a little higher for next month.

Of course February only has 28 days……

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