My Responsible Birthday

My Responsible Birthday

So this year I turned 31. Not a milestone year but another one none the less. My birthdays up until now have been very exciting, usually a party or two, a dinner and lots of indulgences; This year not so much. I got a little bit of money as gifts this year and had planned to spend it solely on myself. I was imagining the manicure I wanted to get on Friday and that new pair of runners I scoped out at the mall. Let’s face it, as a working mother of two with a house and two cars it’s pretty difficult to come up with a little extra cash to spend on myself.

Well low and behold life had other plans…

On my way to work, responsibly car pooling by the way, I might have been speeding a bit, and of course there happened to be a police officer near by. I got hit with a $110 speeding ticket.

I thought “No problem, I’m sure I budgeted for this right?”


I put aside money for repairs and licensing but nothing for that speeding/parking ticket.

Now I have a new item to add to my budget for the “just in case” and this year I bought myself a shiny new speeding ticket for my birthday.


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