Living off the fat!!!

Living off the fat!!!

My husband just got a raise! (It’s about time)

Surprisingly, I was asked “So, what are you going to buy?” My absolute first thought was to replace my University furniture. I don’t think we have one piece of furniture that hasn’t been handed down or salvage from a garbage bin/side of the road in my whole house.

I dreamt of walking through Tepperman’s or Leon’s sitting on all of the plush, new smelling furniture. Lying on a chaise lounger and smiling as my 4 year old asked for a coaster for his Kool-aid jammer and my husband waited on me hand and foot,  when a co-worker abruptly halted my thinking with the question “So, what are you going to save? If you don’t save any you’ll be ‘living off the fat’. ”

When I went back to my office as I pondered this query I decided to ask the all knowing Google exactly what “living off the fat” meant. (For fear my co-worker was criticizing my latest attempt at weight loss).

live off the fat of the land - to live on stored-up resources or abundant resources, to have enough money to live in a very comfortable way without having to do much work


I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding? I’ve been living on this skinny diet of a budget for years I DESERVE to indulge a little” Then it hit me. We’re living pretty well actually, I have a decent living environment, we make decent money, we have food on the table, our kids needs are met and I actually enjoy being frugal.

If I live off the extra income and adjust my standard of living to be higher I will be using up funds that could be better put towards building up resources in case of another recession or job loss. My husband and I devised a plan to use his additional income to use to increase our savings contributions to our emergency fund and accelerate our debt payments putting us a whole 1 year close to being debt free.

Interestingly enough our lives have not changed at all since the raise… but I did get a nice dinner out of it!

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