Finding budget money: Bundling

Finding budget money: Bundling

There are multiple carriers to choose from when you think about getting, phone, internet and cable. Even cell phones are now offered by some of the landline phone companies. Depending on your needs you may require all of these services or just a few. How do you make sense of it all and which ones should you go with?

Step 1: Decide what you need.

Some people choose to have both a landline and a cellphone; others can do away with the landline and only use a cell. These are good questions to ask before you start looking into changing your service. Maybe you never really use the internet at home since you’ve gotten your new smartphone or your cable package only covers the stations you could get over the air for free. By deciding which services you would actually use allows you to cut back on the ones you don’t need anymore.


Step 2: Decide how much you need.

This can change. A lot. Internet and cell phones can be the services where usage can take a huge chunk out of your wallet. Internet packages can run from $15 per month to $90 per month and the only way to know how much you need is to track your usage. Ask you current provider how many GB you upload and download every month. You can base your usage on those averages. Cellphones can come with a lot of extra usage fees. If you find every month that you are paying extra for data or texting consider changing your package.


Step 3: Ask for bundling.

Once you’ve come up with all those services you need contact different providers and ask them how much their packages cost to provide you with all of the services. You might find that combining them with one provider you can get a really good deal. Sometimes they have promotional rates or bundling packages that will save you money!

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