Blunder at the grocery store!

Blunder at the grocery store!

So, something truly exciting happened to me on Saturday morning… I had breakfast with the Premier of Ontario! I know I was completely shocked and frankly had a hard time believing it all day.

After our little brunch I decided I needed to go grocery shopping. Now I have a few rules for myself when I go grocery shopping to help keep me in my budget…

  1. I never go with children. They always some how manage to put more things in the cart when I’m not looking.
  2. Never go hungry. It’s more like shopping off a menu of what I want to eat rather then what I need to buy.
  3. Never shop where I can buy underwear. I don’t know those one stop shopping places seem to have a minimum spending limit and I can NEVER spend within my limit.

Well, I’ve added one more rule.

While I was grocery shopping and still reeling from my geeky brush with fame I decided I was going to call all my friends and tell them about it. So I pulled out my Bluetooth and went about my shopping. As I’m going down the isles chattering away (while most people are looking at me like I’m a crazy woman) I’m arbitrarily putting things in my cart. I finally get to the check out and hang-up with my friends mom when the girl starts ringing everything in. When I get the total bill it’s 30% higher then my grocery budget! I was shocked!

So, now I will devote my full attention to my grocery shopping and leave my phone in the car… even for the Premier of Ontario.


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