The results of our client impact statements:

Helpful advice:

100% say the advice they received was helpful.

How was it helpful?

“She was able to help me to bring the debt under control and make it manageable. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!”

“By providing information to take home with me; financial advice, coaching and debt management.”

“Gave me information about the things I can do about my situation.”

“I see a means to an end of my situation”.

 Debt Reduction:

14% of clients have managed to reduce their debt by 0-25%.

19 % of clients have managed to reduce their debt by 26-50%.

22% of clients have managed to reduce their debt by 51-75%.

39 % of clients have managed to reduce their debt by 76-100%.

Gained Skills in Money Management and Budgeting:

96% of clients report gaining skills in money management and budgeting.

Feeling more in control:

97% of clients report feeling more in control of their financial situation.

Stress Reduced:

98% of clients report that their stress was reduced by coming to talk to a counsellor.

Are on track with their financial goals:

93 % of clients report that they are on track with their financial goals. 


What our clients are saying about us:

"Thank you, thank you! This program has given me hope again!"

"Joanna has been professional, clear and concise. She is a pleasure to work with. Very supportive and knowledgeable. Thank you for the support and this program."

"Helped realigned me budgets, where I spend and where."

"I am extremely shocked by the amount my debt has been reduced and easily I have been able to keep a somewhat comfortable lifestyle."

"Very helpful! A great program."

"Smartest thing ever did in my life. Very helpful and will recommend it to everyone."

"Since coming to Financial Fitness, I've felt better about myself. I am stress free and am budgeting my money a lot better. I am also super happy to see how much I have paid off my debt."

"Very Happy I was referred to FF. Pretty sure I would have drowned if I had not. My counsellor was extremely informative. Thank you again!!!"

"Could not have gone through tough times without this program and especially Joanna."

"Joanna and the whole FF team has been wonderful. I feel like I am in control of my finances now and my credit is on my terms. I couldn’t have done this without them. Thank You!!"

"The program has allowed me to be more responsible with money, and will help me in the future."

"I really benefited from this program. It taught me so much. Saved my sanity."

"Amazing program, such a relief. Thank you!"

"Learned and are happy with what we are doing. Thank you."

"I have learn to control cash flow and why you pay on time."

"I would be lost without Joanna!! Thank you."

"Great service. Thank you."

"I am feeling positive for the future with the info and tools provided to me. I would recommend Financial Fitness to anyone in need."

"Don't need credit anymore."

"We are very happy with the progress you have helped us achieve. I would highly recommend your program to family and friends."

"I thank you FF for help on getting me back on track. It's been a long few years at paying my debt off, however I feel great knowing that this will be paid off in less than 8 months. I can now move forward to achieving my goals with no debt!!"

"Helped me become a lot more aware of my credit. The program has taught me a lot personally and will help me obtain my ultimate goal of achieving my own house."

"The program is and has worked very well for us."

"The program is fantastic. I feel great about our progress. Joanna is a great help and very encouraging."

"Helped me to a great extent that I know I could not have done on my own."

"I really appreciate the assistance in achieving financial freedom. Good to actually see the progression to zero."

"Absolutely amazing program and superior staff and guidance. Thank you! I couldn't have done it without the great help I've received!"

"I appreciated the counsellor sympathetic attitude and overview of options while my situation is still the same I feel slightly less stressed by it. Thanks."

"I am impressed and completely satisfied with the personal interest my counsellor gave to me regarding my debt problems and resolutions."

"Very kind and helpful."

"Mike was fantastic!"

"Mike was great!"

"All done! Feels great."

"Almost done! Thanks Financial Fitness."

"Thank you very much for your help and God bless you! I will be more careful, I learnt a good lesson."

"I recommend this service."

"Debts will be paid in March!! Thank God!"

"I have been treated in a respectful and dignified manner. Extremely important! People that call from debtors would do well to learn those skills."